Bolha azul

Novembro 2014

Laranjal Paulista. SP. Brasil


Projeto de instalação


Blue bubble

November 2014

Laranjal Paulista. SP. Brazil


Installation project


Blue bubble project

- Circular shape structure (half of a ball)

-Mirror covering which allows seeing from one of the sides (who is inside see whos is outside)

- From inside a blue translucent fabric layer will coat the entire place (from the floor to the ceiling)

- The floor will be some transparent material (maybe acrylic) and under it will be mirrored, to give the sensation of being in a real bubble

- Indirect lighting, installed in some parts of the floor


     External Vision                                 Internal Vision


- Must have a mirrored entry door


- The space must be sufficient for a person to get inside and feel inside a bubble


                                 Superior Vision